Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Leave It To E.J. Dionne.....

I'm constantly seeing EJ Dionne's pieces in WaPo and IBD Editorials, reading the headlines and thinking, "Should I?" Then of course, I do read them, and then I'm fuming for at least an hour. Today's prattle is no different, "Democrats' Last, Best Hope".

In short, Dionne quotes Wombat Congressman Ike Skelton (D-MO), chairman of the Armed Services, saying that long term commitment to WINNING in Iraq will hamper our readiness to face other threats around the world. So, the thinking goes, if we can just surrender and run home with our tails between our legs and leave Iraq to fend for itself (again, showing weakness to the Islamists and showing our allies that our commitment to them is useless), then we'll better be prepared for when someone else strikes at our interests. Then, we'll be ready for the anti-American Left to begin undermining our efforts in THAT conflict. God, Skelton and Dionne are brilliant.

I've went on and on about the importance of FINISHING the job in Iraq. Go here, here and here for more on my take there.

The question for Dionne is, why are we "struggling" with this "mess" in Iraq to begin with? Because naysayers like yourself, EJ, have been willing tools of our enemies in undermining our effort there from the very beginning of al-Qaeda's involvement in Iraq.

Al-Qaeda mouthpieces have routinely stated that their strategy was to us popular opinion here in the US to cause America to lose its will to fight. Imagine Operation Iraqi Freedom, with all of America (including Dionne) behind the effort, focused, in it to win it, over the long haul, keeping casualties in perspective. Can you? Do you think al-Qaeda would be as resilient as they seem to be in Iraq today? Of course not. But they are, largely in part to the unwitting cheerleaders here in the American Left. Like Dionne.

Nice job, EJ. You're a tool of a bunch of third world thugs, playing right into their hands. Had you and the rest of the Useful Idiots kept the entire war effort in perspective from the beginning - reporting on rape rooms and torture chambers being closed, new media outlets in Iraq, schools, hospitals etc being built and open by Americans there, the list goes on; rather than just talking about troop deaths and IED's day in and day out - then maybe we'd have much more progress in defeating the enemy.

If we have a mess there, Dionne, its because of people like you giving aid and comfort to our enemy, all the while acting like you are the savior of the US soldier.

Live with that.