Monday, July 16, 2007

Questions For The "War Weary" That They CANNOT Wish Away

Today, Bill Bennett's piece at National Review Online makes many of the points that I have made on these pages with respect to our war against Islamofascism being fought in Iraq. Check it out.

Bennett's piece got me to thinking about some very hard questions. I'd like for the wombats who shriek with the same annoying Sheehan-type voice for a withdrawal from Iraq to answer these questions in their minds, so we can be sure that the answers will be genuine. Be alone in a quiet room, and ask yourselves:

  • How much more power and oil revenue will Iran have with control of Iraqi oil fields?
  • Those of you who bitch like little school girls about the price of gas: how much more do you think you'll pay for a gallon of gas with a hostile regime like Iran's lording over Iraq's oil fields?
  • How will our needed threats of force look in the future to the likes of Khartoum and Tehran? Or Pyongyang? If they do not comply with the countless UN Resolutions that will come their way in the future (in addition to the ones already issued), what is the consequence they have to fear?
  • Will future populist uprisings against fascist regimes around the world be emboldened or scared away at the prospect US support? Will these uprisings increase or decrease?
  • Do you really think that al-Qaeda and other Islamists organizations will be satisfied with Iraq, leaving the West and Israel to itself once we withdrawal? Do your really think they will not flood to our shores in sleeper cells, through our porous border and NOT detonate dirty bombs, or worse?
  • What will our retreat from Iraq do to Islamists prestige? Its recruiting? What kind of fascist folklore do you think will be born from our retreat (which is what it would be, a retreat and defeat)? What would be the possibility be that young Muslims the world over will continue to be brainwashed by closed societies and fed the pap that they will never see glory other than under Islamism and the destruction of the West? Will that be boosted or diminished if we retreat from Iraq?
  • Limbaugh makes a good point today, what will be gained, truly from leaving? US servicemen - volunteers who know the stakes, mind you - will no longer be killed? You can get back to your Xbox with a clear conscience, somehow ignoring all of the above?

Wake up. Clash of civilizations. The world is an ugly, hostile place, and those who wish to live in peace and security cannot wish evil away. It has to be beaten. Sorry, boys and girls, that means you and I must be prepared to allow our volunteer serviceman to put their lives in harms way. Bin Laden et al, like the Ayatollah's of Iran, know this clash of civilizations and the stakes. They know that Iraq is the central battle front. Why don't the "Friends of Peace"?