Monday, September 10, 2007

Useful Idiots Can't Let Go Of Larry Craig

This from the Wall Street Jounal online:

Mr. (Norman) Hsu, 56 years old, was in Grand Junction's St. Mary's Hospital yesterday afternoon suffering from an undisclosed illness. His condition was upgraded to "good" and he is under watch by local and federal authorities.

"Mr. Hsu became ill and disoriented on the train, requiring medical assistance and transportation to Saint Mary's Hospital," said Jason Booth, a Sitrick & Co. public-affairs executive representing Mr. Hsu, citing the hospital's account. "Mr. Hsu's condition is improving, though there is currently no timetable for his discharge."

Once Mr. Hsu is released, Mesa County sheriff's deputies will take him to the county jail. A county judge will then advise Mr. Hsu of why he is being held, and in a subsequent hearing, a state court judge will ask whether he wishes to contest extradition. Even if he doesn't fight extradition, the process might keep him in Colorado until next week.

If Mr. Hsu contests extradition, the process of state-court hearings to prove his identity as the fugitive who California authorities are seeking could last up to 90 days. Once Mr. Hsu agrees to extradition or his identity is proved in court, California authorities have 10 days to retrieve him.
Mr. Hsu's complicated history includes two bankruptcies and a case in California in which he pleaded no contest in 1992 to charges of bilking investors out of roughly $1 million. He failed to appear for his sentencing hearing, however, violating the terms of his $2 million bond. His whereabouts were unknown, but he resurfaced on the East Coast in recent years as a wealthy businessman who donated heavily to Democratic political candidates, both with his own money and funds he induced others to give.

Late last month, The Wall Street Journal reported that thousands of dollars donated to New York Sen. Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign by a family living in a small house in Daly City, Calif., closely tracked the timing and amounts of Mr. Hsu's donations to Mrs. Clinton. Federal election laws prohibit reimbursement to others for campaign contributions. Federal authorities are investigating the case.

Had to run a Google search to find that. What are the Useful Idiots talking about? All three of these below are front page headlines:


Sen. Craig Says Media Led to Guilty Plea

Chicago Tribune:

Craig tries to withdraw guilty plea

Video at

"Sen. Craig’s attorney explains Guitly Plea"

Number of Hsu Mentions: Zero, for all three. They can't let Craig go. Unbiased, of course.