Saturday, August 11, 2007

Mouthbreather Of The Week - Ron Paul

I'm sure the Libertarians are going to love me for this one. Libertarians gush about their presidential candidates like Marty McFly's mom did over "Calvin Klein".

From the August 5th Debate:

QUESTION: Hi. I’m Jill Husker (ph) from Grinnell, Iowa. My question is, if you were president, what would be your strategy for ending the war in Iraq?

STEPHANOPOULOS: Congressman Paul, what would it be?

PAUL: Just come home. We just marched in. We can just come back.

(APPLAUSE *sigh*)

We went in there illegally. We did not declare war. It’s lasting way too long. We didn’t declare war in Korea or Vietnam. The wars were never really ended (wrong). We lose those wars ( wrong - ask South Koreans if we "lost" the Korean War). We’re losing this one. We shouldn’t be there. We ought to just come home.

Well how about that?? Just march right out of there and everything will go swimmingly.

Questions for the Lorraine McFlys out there who applaud Paul's comments:
  • How much more power and oil revenue will Iran have with control of Iraqi oil fields?
  • Those of you who bitch like little school girls about the price of gas: how much more do you think you'll pay for a gallon of gas with a hostile regime like Iran's lording over Iraq's oil fields?
  • How will our needed threats of force look in the future to the likes of Khartoum and Tehran? Or Pyongyang? If they do not comply with the countless UN Resolutions that will come their way in the future (in addition to the ones already issued), what is the consequence they have to fear?
  • Will future populist uprisings against fascist regimes around the world be emboldened or scared away at the prospect US support? Will these uprisings increase or decrease?
  • Do you really think that al-Qaeda and other Islamists organizations will be satisfied with Iraq, leaving the West and Israel to itself once we withdrawal? Do your really think they will not flood to our shores in sleeper cells, through our porous border and NOT detonate dirty bombs, or worse?
  • What will our retreat from Iraq do to Islamists prestige? Its recruiting? What kind of fascist folklore do you think will be born from our retreat (which is what it would be, a retreat and defeat)? What would be the possibility be that young Muslims the world over will continue to be brainwashed by closed societies and fed the pap that they will never see glory other than under Islamism and the destruction of the West? Will that be boosted or diminished if we retreat from Iraq?
Also, see my post here regarding a pullout.

Any responsible adult in world affairs has to see the utter folly of walking away from Iraq. Our enemy is in this to win, we'd best be too.

Some other comments I want to make about Paul's response:

We went in there illegally. Wrong. 17 UN Resolutions and 11 years later, Saddam still did not live up to his obligations. Saddam violated his agreements, and needed to be held to account, for our own safety.

We did not declare war. So What?

It’s lasting way too long. The enemy doesn't care how long the war lasts - they're in it for the long haul.

We didn’t declare war in Korea or Vietnam. So What?

The wars were never really ended (wrong).

We’re losing this one. No we're not - only in the media.

We shouldn’t be there. See above - Wrong.

We ought to just come home. Thank God you have a snowballs chance in hell of winning the nomination.