Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Tyranny of the Moron Voter

I've got things to do this morning, so I can't spend a lot of time here.  I'm just going to tell you this: We as a nation are in big trouble

In sane days, a President and his party, having overseen and been implicit in rampant unemployment, staggering debt, no substantive plans to revive economy facing a party with a capable challenger with a history off rescuing troubled enterprises would have been dispatched by the adults in electorate.

From The American Spectator
Last night, that didn't happen.  The Tyranny of the Moron Voter is here to stay.  He gets his free candy from the Democratic party, and he believes the biggest threat to his free candy are Republicans and anyone who counts on Capitalism to create a better standard of living for everyone, rather than a benevolent government.  The Moron Voter is not unique to any ethnicity or demographic.  He's everywhere, and comes in all colors, including white.  He, like his President, likes shiny things, moving speeches about how the wealthy and corporations are f*cking him.  He truly believes that prosperity for all is possible if those with the "stuff" will just share it with him.  And he believes his only avenue for having "stuff" is to have the Community Organizer President who frequently appears on his beloved Letterman show get it from the wealthy and hand it to him.  So, he'll turn out to vote for him reliably.

Meanwhile, back in reality, the goose that lays the Golden Eggs - the entreprenuer and investor - is running dry.  The Moron Voter seems oblivious.  The Golden Eggs will always be there for the Community Organizer President to get for him.

For the last 20 years, my personal, animating conviction has been that, as Thomas Jefferson said, The American People would eventually do the right thing.

I just don't know that those of us who believe the opposite of the Community Organizer President and his Legion of Moron Voters can ever rise up again and be able to do the right thing.  If we couldn't do it given the circumstances yesterday, can we ever?

I'm genuinely worried this morning about the future of this country.