Thursday, November 8, 2012

Missing The Point

No, we didn't run a weak candidate.  We made the case as logically for Mitt Romney as could be made.  He was the perfect man for the time.

No, we don't need "time in the wilderness".  Our message in 2012 was an effective one, true to our core beliefs, and made in a manner that any thinking adult could understand.  Our only option if we "venture into the wilderness", is to come out like the Democrats.

The Monday Morning Pundits are getting it wrong.  We are no longer able to win by pitching our Reaganesque themes to adults.  We are at the mercy of the Moron Vote.  The days of a 1980s-style Reagan win - reemphasizing the things that have made America great in the past to an electorate starved for these things - are, probably forever, gone.  Now we are pitching what should be an inspiring theme to Legions of Imbeciles who think the most pressing issue of our time is Free Birth Control and Health Care.

Messages of American Greatness and Opportunity carrying the Republican Party to victory are over.  The Moron Vote and its class envy tenants are here to stay.

The result: More of the same.  An uncontrolled Administration, not accountable to the electorate any longer (ask Medvedev and Putin), reading its minor gains in the Senate and its reelection as a mandate to placate the Moron Vote.

Rough Days are ahead, and I, as a Republican, feel helpless to stop it.  Diminished, near hyperinflated dollars are our future.  Crippling Debt and Military Weakness are our future.  Healthcare that only the privileged, politically collected few can enjoy in quality is our future.  And the worst part?  As Mary Matalin put it yesteday, our "narcissistic sociopath" of a President, with his sycophantic followers, will be insufferable in their self righteousness.

Hard hard days ahead.  If you are tuning into JGAH for a pick me up, you're coming to the wrong place.