Tuesday, November 6, 2012

295-243 Romney

My prediction: Romney takes OH, FL, VA, CO, IA, NH, WI and all of the safe Red States.  No such luck as hoped in MI, MN, PA.

We'll go to bed with Romney just under 300 Electoral Votes and no real chance of a challenge.

The New Black Panthers and other Obama Fraudsters and Crooks will not be able to muster enough shenanigans to overcome the crushing, awakening giant that his the heartland conservative voter.

Pollsters with the exception of Gallup will be shocked.

My confidence comes from:

  • Gallup's 50% rule - no candidate this late over 50% has ever lost.
  • Romney enthusiasm NATIONWIDE, evidenced at the attendance disparity at the rallies
  • Polls that have Obama ahead either have lopsided D turnout projections that don't jibe with evidence on the ground or have built in biases (Wapo, Marist)
  • Obama's dismal record coupled with his childish petty antics are too bitter a pill to swallow for Independents, whom he carried largely in 2008 and is getting his ass kicked with this year.
Social Conservatives are ENERGIZED.  Many of them, of all races and backgrounds, supported him in 2008 but are having buyers remorse this time around.

There are others, as they occur to me I'll share, but for starters, that should do.  Be of good cheer, Obama will be a full time MSNBC host in a couple of months.  Take it to the bank.

UPDATE: I agree wholeheartedly with Ben Shapiro from NRO's Corner, word for word, save the PA part.  Bridge too far, especially with the fraud and intimidation already underway in Philly:

"This election is not going to be as close as the Democrats and their allies in the media would have us believe. The media have been worth at least ten points for Obama in this cycle — between ignoring Benghazi, bashing Romney, and propping up the president’s horrendous economic numbers, they’ve earned their Palace Guard paycheck — but it won’t be enough. In 2008, they bucked the old Lincoln adage by fooling all the people all of the time about the feckless and incompetent Obama. In 2012, Lincoln’s adage will have its revenge. We keep hearing that Republicans have an advantage in a turnout election. But Republicans also have an advantage in an independents election. Only in a Magical Mythical 2008 Replay do Democrats have an advantage. And Obama’s sleight of hand no longer wows us. Prediction: 311 electoral votes for Romney, including Florida, Wisconsin, Ohio, Virginia, Colorado, Iowa, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania. And count on a lot of whining from the media, which have used up every ounce of their credibility in defending an indefensible president."