Saturday, September 15, 2012

Mark Steyn: "What Happens in Tunis Stays in Tunis" and Other Things

Mark Steyn, in my opinion, is MUCH better behind the keyboard than the microphone. Whenever he fills in for Limbaugh I kinda yawn and change the channel. Not so when he writes, however. Witty as hell.

This piece at NRO's Corner is a gem about the silence of our effeminate narcissist in chief. Money excerpt:

"As a Canadian, I’m interested to see that America has belatedly adopted the divided responsibilities of the Westminster system. Proceeding from the Pimp with the Limp show to Letterman to BeyoncĂ© and back again, Barack Obama makes a perfectly adequate (if somewhat cheesy and downmarket) ceremonial queen."

OUCH! And very well put.

But I think I was even more impressed with the comments of the first poster, named "Richard Reed":

"Lord and Lady Obama do not solve problems. Solving problems is for the Little People of the world.
Lord Obama Golfs. And Campaigns. And gives speeches to adoring children of all ages. Lady Obama provides menus for the peasants. And Travels. Lesser celebrities throw money at them as they pass by, just for being Glorious.

Bow down, slaves. Eat your gruel. If there are still any questions, the Wormtongue media will explain why everything is either fine or hopeless; and in either case requires no action on your part.
Except compliance."

Some other bullet point thoughts.  You can tell my contempt for Barack Obama is becoming unbearable:

  • Talk about Nero fiddling while the town burns.... Our embassies are being overrun, and the most crucial thing to the President is his re-election.  We need him for four more years, he reasons, so short of nuclear holocaust, he's staying on the campaign trail rubbing elbows with DJ Pimps, Alfred E. Letterman and weekend golfers.
  • You know when a Leftist's emotion-based arguments are beginning to implode - as they eventually do - because out pops.... the race card.  Louise Lucas, Lewis Duiguid, Chris Matthews and Toure (what are you, a porn star?): at some point you guys are going to have to start intellectually defending your positions and your president.  The hush tactic of playing the race card is not going to be tolerated anymore.  I predicted the race card wasn't going to go away (see point 3) because of Obama's election.  I deserve to be recognized for that.
  • Republicans are hyperventilating over the bump in the polls Obama received post convention.  I say, don't panic.  First, polls are, for obvious reasons, far from perfect.  We have four debates coming and six weeks of campaigning to do.  Romney and Ryan are intensely detail oriented politicians and will expose their opponents idiocy well in the debates and most Americans will "get it", I predict.  Plus we have a decent war chest.  I'm still confident.
  • You want to know what Mitt Romney's plans are, in detail?  Read No Apology, there will be no doubt afterward.  
  • Rampant unemployment/underemployment, massive debt, Iran nuking up, Food Stamps in every Christmas stocking, the nation's Chevy Volt speeding toward the fiscal cliff, and what do the Democrats center their convention around?  A Godless championing of free birth control and abortion "rights".  Heartland America, how can you resist?  Don't tell me Bob Shrum's gone into retirement.  This is campaign genius!  Michael Dukakis called, David and Stephanie.  He's here to help.
  • Can't talk to the only (truly) democratic head of state in the Middle East, Benjamin Netanyahu.  Gotta hit Vegas and the Letterman Show.  Oh, wait, I hear he spoke to Bibi via telephone.  That's a consolation prize, I guess.  Why do professional athletes drive drunk instead of renting a limo?  Why is Led Zeppelin's Presence, so underrated? And why do Jewish Voters continue their mindless support of the Democratic Party?  These are the mysteries of life.
  • Remember when our economically illiterate President berated CEO's who were taking money from Washington for flying their employees to Vegas?  Remember those days were over, right?  How rich is it (pardon the pun), then, as our credit rating is ONCE AGAIN downgraded that Louis XVI and Marie  Antoinette are in Vegas on their plane, courtesy of the taxpayer?  And all the Secret Service expenses and other burdens to the commoner that such travel brings?  Oh, and don't forget that his staff, advisors, and Bo the dog (redundant) take their own, separate plane.  And Secret Service Detail (hyperbole, morons, relax).  Oh Sweet Jesus is it November the 2 November 6th yet?