Tuesday, November 4, 2008

My Immediate Thoughts - Randomly

1. After Obama won CA and sealed up the election, I tuned into a talk radio show. A caller made the statement that he "felt like the picture of the Frenchman crying as the Nazis marched through Paris." That was one of the best laughs I had the entire night; and a sentiment that I somewhat (somewhat) identify with right now.

2. Those of you mindless haters; you booger eating kooks that put your hatred for George W. Bush ahead of your desire for your friends and family to be safe; those of you who cheered for the US to suffer a humiliating defeat in foreign affairs against illiberal butchers in the effort to see a sitting Republican President humiliated; those of you who used pampered Hollywood celebrities with a vast audience of Xbox Americans to humiliate a sitting Republican President; those of you mindless haters who had buttons on your backpacks (backpacks?? You're in your late 20s, for Christ Sake) that spoke of Bush being an American Terrorist blah blah..... now your precious Messiah is going to be in the White House with no excuses - a Democrat Majority in both Houses of Congress. So, when he shows what an incompetent boob he is - in office for no other reason that a bunch of guilty white liberals live to prove that they are, in fact, post racial by supporting this empty suit for the highest office in the free world - people like me are going to be there, to show you what absolute fools you are for supporting this guy. Everything this clown does, I'm going to catch it - along with other Right of Center bloggers like Iowahawk, Sam Ryskind and Jim Treacher, etc. And on behalf of those guys, let me say, paybacks, my Democrat friends, ARE A BITCH. The way I see it, you kooks owe us eight years. Barack Obama is not going to be cut any slack. What's the difference between us and you Bush Haters for the last eight years? Simple. We are going to crucify your guy (FIGURATIVELY, not literally, Secret Service) with a smile on our faces, not blocking traffic in major cities, rioting etc. We are still going to hold down jobs, make this country work. Unlike you, we are still going to shower. We are still going to go to work in our offices and our communities; not go to therapy for Post Election Selection Trauma etc. Why? Because Republicans, unlike you Bush Haters, don't look to people in elected office to make the most of our lives and the ample opportunity the blessing of being Americans affords us. You see, we may lose elections, but for us, that is nothing more than an inconvenience. For Democrats like yourselves, losing elections is the end of life as you know it. Government, for you, is the end all-be all. For us, its a pain in the ass.

3. Lastly, can we all now, finally, agree that the United States of America has no "deep seated racism"? We have just elected, for the highest office in the free world, a black man who is a complete joke of a candidate in terms of accomplishment and grasp of fact. We were able to look past his slobbering kook of a Pastor, his sketchy voting record in the IL Senate, his ultra left wing voting record in the US Senate, his pathetic knowledge of human nature etc etc etc because... sorry, this is going to hurt... because he was black. Look at me, the average Chicago 20-something would say to me as he waived his Obama button in my face as I walked to work, I'm a white guy and I'm not racist! I'm voting for Obama! You? Hardly.

So, now that Obama has been elected - is the race industry going to go away? What kind of real jobs can we land the leaders of the civil rights movement? Jesse Jackson, greeter at WalMart? "Hello, Ma'am, Clorox 1 gallon jugs are 2 for $5. If you don't sterilize, you demoralize. No cleanliness, no peace. Hey hey ho ho, skidmarks in the bowl have got to go."

More later....