Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Couple Three More Things

Over at the Corner at National Review, they're making me nuts. The recurring theme is "how great this is that we've finally moved past our racist/bigoted/segregated past, this election is historic, what a great thing we've elected an African American...." yada yada yada yada ad nauseam. Its as though my friends at NR actually doubted that we've moved past the Jim Crow mindset until... we elected this Marxist as President. I'm getting ready to turn 38 in about a month, and my entire adult life has been surrounded by hysteria over racism and White Americans desperate to prove that they are, in fact, color blind. The fact that we have moved past the insanity and injustice of the early 1960s in not news to me, but so many on our side are pretending like this is the first time they can celebrate post racial America. Its crazy, its making me nuts. We didn't need to put this totally unqualified empty suit clown in the most powerful position in the free world to prove it.

I'd like to see someone at the Corner make my point number three below.... can we NOW say that this is no longer a racist county? In other words, what more do we need to do??? Rather than talk about how wonderful it is that a black American has been elected President (in spite of his absolutely horrific world view), how about someone approaching it from my point of view? "Will the race obsessed mouths in public life FINALLY go away??" I hope someone at the Corner will ask that question.


Democrats, some are relieved, do no have a sixty vote, filibuster proof Senate. They only have 58 votes. Add Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe - you have 60.


Attn, Useful Idiots of the MSM. You are now clear to report truthfully on the economy and especially the SubPrime Mortgage crisis. You are now clear to "discover" who Bill Ayers is. You are now clear to ask follow up questions to Obama when he claims - incredibly - that in 20 years of association with Jeremiah Wright heard nothing more than the song below: