Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Before You Vote, Think About This....

I wish I had more time to put a comprehensive "closing argument" against Barack Obama the way Powerline has.... unfortunately, I am scrambling to get some things done so I can enjoy my day off recovering from tonight, tomorrow. So I'm going to take an abbreviated lunch and put this together.

If I could boil down the number one reason Americans should fear an Obama Presidency, it would be this: National Security.

Take a minute and watch this video. Yes, I know very well that you've seen it a thousand times. Watch it again.

Folks, never forget, the comfort, prosperity, freedom that we enjoy as Americans can be lost almost overnight. The Peace and Security that enables us to worry about how our hair looks or whether or not we'll get that promotion are luxuries that in this ruthless, evil world are afforded to us by our Military, the men and women in uniform and intelligence officials small in number but great in skill and strength. As president, in a world where suicidal, determined fanatics and blood thirsty tyrants can do breath-taking damage to this country when unchecked, we need a commander-in-chief that has the knowledge, courage of convictions, and most importantly, a love for the United States of America that will give everything to protect her.

Yes, folks, that is the most important thing to keep in your lobes as you go to the polls today. Forget about gas prices for a minute (which Obama will exacerbate), forget about the economy (which Obama's redistributive policies will not help), forget every domestic issue. If you love the United States of America - not perfect, as no nation is, but you love it - don't you want a Commander-in-Chief who loves it as much as you do? Willing to defend it, as you are? Can you watch Barack Obama's spiritual mentor in the clip above, a man whom he quotes in his books, who married he and his wife, who baptized his kids, who's church received money from Obama; can you watch that clip and be comfortable that as CIC, Obama will defend America with the passion that you would? I think you know the answer.

Folks, this isn't fear mongering. Our ability to worry about gas prices and the like is the product of safety and security. This is a legitimate thing to fear: aggressive tyrants teamed with Islamofascists. Our very existence is at stake, as a nation. Don't give into the cult of personality or the hype.

Obama, as CIC, will unzip our fly as a nation in a way that we likely will never recover from.

Yes, like you, I have some serious issues with McCain. But I trust him deeply with the defense of our nation. Remember Obama's questionable commitment to our interests as a nation when you vote.