Monday, November 3, 2008

Grape Kool-Aid Party at JG&AH Tomorrow Night

I'll try to get pictures of gathering and post them. As some of you may know, Iowahawk is having Australian journalist Tim Blair as a guest for the trip to Grant Park (or Jonestown, if you prefer) and they are proposing a get together of interested Chicagoans for libations to start. If that happens I'm probably going to stop by and have a quick one and introduce myself, but after that, its off to the local Jewel Osco for a big tub of grape Kool-aid. My wife and I plan on sipping it with a little Vodka in between chants of "yes, we can." In fact, I plan on spending the entire evening with a Juice Mustache, the kind that I was horrifyingly embarassed of when I was a kid.

More to follow.