Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Race Card is Tired, Mr. Diuguid

I've been meaning to address this for some time now (few days, actually) and am just now getting a few minutes to do so.

I’d love to be able to play this card every time I were to fall short on anything. I'd love to be able to cry "racism" every time something didn't go my way. How convenient. The sad fact of the matter is, the constant invocation of race is wearing incredibly thin on those of us white Americans who see all mankind as created in the image of God and have no patience with the actual practice of racism. Its shallow, morally wrong and the sign of a simple mind, racism is. That said, the constant drumbeat of liberal minorities of "racism racism racism" is beginning to grate. The latest person in print media to toss the card onto the playing table is Lewis Diuguid, in his Kansas City Star column entitled "Shame on McCain and Palin for using an old code word for black". Go ahead and read it and come back to discuss.

Barack Obama has a lot of explaining to do to the electorate in this country. From his newly discovered associations with the now defunct New Party of Chicago, to his still unexplained associations with Bill Ayers, to his passive acceptance of Jeremiah Wright’s “God Damn America” worldview, the man is downright scary, what little we know of him substantively. Its fair to ask questions of the man who will be in charge of protecting the interests of the United States of America. Everything that we cherish in Western civilization is under assault, and the President of the United States is the single individual in Western Politics with the most responsibility in preserving our way of life. So, if Obama has dubious connections with people who don’t cherish this nation in the manner we do, here in the heartland – its fair to expect thorough honest answers about these associations.

Yet, how do Diuguid et al plan on hushing this type of inquisition? Cry Racism! Yes! That’s it.

Why did Obama have close ties to Bill Ayers (Annenburg Challenge)?

Racist of you to ask!

Why did Obama let a clueless radical with kooky, anti American views preside over his wedding and baptize his kids, to say nothing of the financial contributions put forward to Wright?

That’s Racism, don’t ask.

Obama’s been in bed with ACORN for years. But that statement of fact is racist also.

And now, because Senator Obama wants to redistribute wealth – tax those with incomes he deems excessive, giving some of the proceeds to those who do not pay taxes – he is earning the scorn of Free Market types like myself. He’s being appropriately labeled as a Socialist.

How does the good Mr. Diuguid counter that? By substantively refuting that said redistributionism is not, in fact, socialism? Nope. Play the race card.

Mr. Diuguid, Barack Obama is a socialist, not because of his skin color. He is a Socialist because of the Economic Policies he has in mind should he (gulp) be elected President. We will not cave to your hush tactics vis-à-vis race any longer.