Thursday, June 14, 2012

What? No, Really? Another Speech? THIS One Will Do It!

Taking a couple of minutes during my lunch break to address this.  Over the last few months I've done lot of  pondering on the narcissism of Democratic Politicians.  They love to be on TV.  They love the spotlight.  Guys like Clinton and Obama love the sound of their own voices and love to sound off on the issues of the day, even when they are not holding public office.  That's just an aside.

My jaw hit the floor last night when I heard the news.  The President is going to do ANOTHER speech, this will address the economy.  What does he have to talk about?  He got his stimulus, what more is he going to propose?  He's been sitting in the White House for nearly an entire term, unemployment has never been south of 8%, and NOW he's coming to us with a plan?  I thought the stimulus was supposed to do the trick, Keynesians?

Its commencing in under an hour, and, unless you are on vacation or part of his hard core base, you're working and can't engage in a drinking game.  So, that said (and I'll look at the transcript and count), how many times will we hear these words or phrases?

  • Inherited
  • Previous Administration(s)
  • Millionaires 
  • Billionaires
  • Wealthiest Among Us
  • Warren Buffett
  • Buffett Rule
  • Secretary
  • Green Energy
  • Invest In
  • Ask A Little More
  • Fair Share
If you REALLY wanted to play a drinking game and get blind, throw in "I" and "My", but that will probably land you in the ER.