Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Piling On: "Tear Down This Wall" a Quarter Century Later

I've decided to take a few minutes this morning to "Pile On" about Reagan's "Tear Down This Wall" Speech at the Brandenburg Gate 25 years ago.  I've read many great recaps over the last day or so, and its inspired me to pipe up with my own thoughts.

Folks, I think the speech is as relevant today as it was during the Cold War.  Anytime central authorities try to control freedom and commerce - whether its the Soviet Government and its dominance over a continent, or Barack Obama and his Czars and their garden variety soft socialism - the results are always, at best, tepid growth or at worst, full blown poverty.

The fact is, freedom, capitalism, free trade and the rule of law - things either lacking or completely absent in the Old Soviet Union and its Eastern European Satellites - bring prosperity to all levels of an open society.  I've heard it said (paraphrase) "Planners, no matter how brilliant, cannot replace millions of people seeking their own self interest."

Reagan knew the first step to lifting much of the world out of poverty was to "send to the ash heap of history" a form of government that controlled peoples' lives.  The first step to prosperity to is rid the world of tyranny and empower individuals to be free to act in self interest.

Twenty Five years later, we are grateful for his example.  Now we battle a softer tyranny, of Contemporary Western Liberalism, and its designs on controlling freedom of trade and redistributing wealth.   We have a new wall to tear down - ignorance of how wealth is created and its bastard love children, Keynesian Economics and an overbearing, all knowing State.

Let's take the fight to them all the way to November.  Do it for the Gipper.