Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Case For Bobby Jindal

One of the things I'm constantly doing when I'm going throughout the busy work day is working through a JGAH post in my mind.  I rarely get back to these pages to share those thoughts, for a number of reasons, but this one I've been mulling over for a while and now.  And, thanks to the insights of National Review's Rammesh Ponnuru, I feel its time to make my pick for Mitt Romney's VP.

I've been a big fan of Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal for a long time now, for a lot of reasons. Ponnuru says that Jindal and Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty "hit the sweet spot", and I agree.  My case for Jindal:

  • First and Foremost: Executive Experience  
  • Handling disasters like the BP Oil Spill, challenging Obama on his ridiculous assertion that its was "not a big deal" that the administration put a moratorium on drilling in the Gulf after the spill a couple years back because the out of work rig employees could "collect unemployment".
  • He takes the minority card completely away from the Obama Administration.  Like a lot of Republicans, I think race is a total non issue, but for a national election against "America's First Black President", it matters.
  • The Republican ticket needs to continued enthusiasm and support of the Tea Party, and Jindal will strengthen that.
  • As Ponnuru points out, he's "reform minded", something I think the electorate in general and the Tea Party in particular, are craving right now.
  • Can you imagine how stupid he'd make Joe Biden look in a debate?  Especially calling the Biden Clown out on his stupid comment in the 2008 campaign about Indians running convenient stores (an epic gaffe a republican could never get away with)?
I'm not very familiar with Pawlenty, but I think Jindal is the better pick for most of the reasons above.

Hopefully, someone with some influence in the campaign is reading Ponnuru's piece this morning.