Thursday, October 20, 2011

Herman Cain: Free Market Champion

Say what you want about his chances and his experience/knowledge in foreign affairs, the man is a god when it comes to Obama's biggest weakness: understanding Free Markets, how they work, and what motivates people. To make the charge that Obama has never run anything in his life in a business sense is completely accurate. You can never say that about Herman Cain, former CEO of Godfathers Pizza.

Honestly, I'd love to see a debate between the two on the basics of Market Economics. Cain would wipe the floor with Obama. Truth be told, Cain doesn't have a prayer, in my estimation, of winning the nomination. But, it'd be a breath of fresh economic air if he did.

See this post from Katrino Trinko at National Review. Talk about refreshing, what a great story. My absolute, amen favorite excerpt from the piece (bold emphasis mine):

" 'A radio host in Omaha asked me, ‘What do you say to a young man who can go out and make a lot of money selling drugs and doesn’t want your $4.75-an-hour job at Godfather’s?’ Cain told the Omaha World-Herald in 1996. 'My response is this: There are two ways you can live your life — looking in front of you or looking over your shoulder. Show me some old drug dealers. Show me some old gang members. You decide whether you want to get old and look forward to the rest of your life, or whether you want to look behind you all the time and never see old.'”

Excellent stuff.