Friday, October 7, 2011

"The Sheer Stupidity of Such Thinking is Enough To Give You a Headache"

BFH at refers to the Wall Street Protesters as "Wallbaggers". How appropriate and just. More from John Hinderaker at Powerline. This guy is a genius, folks. I have a hard time finding someone out there that I have so much akin with in terms of world view. Here is the sum of his post "Down with Evil Corporations!":

"This graphic is making the rounds on Facebook. It ties in with something I’ve always wondered: where do people who don’t like corporations work? Do they seriously want to turn the clock back by centuries–it would take some research to figure to how many–to a world in which the only forms of business organization are sole proprietorships and partnerships? And who do they think designs, manufactures and distributes the products they use? Elves? Liberals denounced Mitt Romney for saying 'corporations are people,' and I think they even made a video about it. But of course Romney was right. A corporation consists of its owners (people who are shareholders) and its employees (people who work for the company). It is an elementary rule of law that a corporation can act only through people–its employees and agents. So how do liberals think they can hurt corporations without hurting people? The sheer stupidity of such thinking is enough to give you a headache."