Saturday, May 7, 2011

Say Hello To Hitler and John Maynard Keynes For Me, Osama....

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This past Sunday, when the biggest self-righteous monster since Adolf Hitler met the Judgement of Yahweh, God of the Jews, I'd not surprisingly turned in early. My wife and her best friend stayed up late watching TV when the news broke. They woke me to tell me the news. Osama bin Laden had been taken out.

Sad to admit, my first thought was: "I'm sure Obama can't wait to take the credit for it." Which of course he did. Statements from the windbag that followed were laced with "I" and "my" and "at my direction."

A couple hours later, I found myself battling insomnia. I flipped on the news channels to get the details. Frequent patrons of JGAH know my history - I'm an ex-Navy Gunner's Mate from the Desert Storm Era with an affinity for the military in general and the Navy in particular. I ran out my enlistment serving as a fire arms instructor to helo pilots at a Naval Air Station. On occasion, Seal Team 8 would swing by to use our pistol range.

These guys were not only certifiably insane, they were ridiculously - ridiculously - accurate marksmen. I've held them in the highest regard ever since.

Like most people, I've spent the last ten years thinking bin Laden would escape judgment until the afterlife. I knew God would give him the retribution that he deserved, but like most Americans that love this country and all free peoples of the world, I wanted more for this jack ass. I'd given up on our ability to actually get the guy. Truthfully, I was OK with that as long as we continued to prosecute the war on terror effectively. To me, getting bin Laden would be a sweet symbol, but a symbol none-the-less.

They got that sweet symbol - Seal Team 6 put a bullet through his head. You couldn't script a better ending to this monster's time on earth. Zawahiri - your next. Death to Tyrants. Always.

(picture taken from National Review Online)


The great John Hinderaker at says it better than anyone:

"All of this praise is due to the fact that Obama approved, rather than nixing, the killing of bin Laden. A good decision, to be sure. But is there a single person, anywhere, who doubts that George W. Bush would have made the same call? Or John McCain, if he had won in 2008? Of course not. The Democrats' jubilation results from the fact that their guy didn't wilt under pressure, but rather lived up to the standard that George W. Bush and John McCain easily met. For this, he is called 'courageous' and 'gutsy.'
One wonders: if killing bin Laden was a courageous, gutsy decision by Barack Obama, where were the liberals when President Bush approved the killing of Zarqawi? Do you remember any of them praising that decision as courageous and 'game changing?' No, neither do I. Or how about the apprehension of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed? How many congratulations did that skillfully-executed operation draw from the Left? And how about Bush's decision to topple, and then capture, Saddam Hussein, one of America's bitterest enemies, whose forces tried to shoot down American airplanes and who attempted to assassinate a former American President? Was that a courageous and gutsy decision? We all know the answer to that question.
What we are currently witnessing is the strange spectacle of liberals trying to grab, for their guy, a mantle neither he nor they ever sought: cold-blooded assassin of anti-American terrorists. This has nothing to do with their true values and priorities, and everything to do with the fact that Obama's economic policies have put him in a deep hole as he seeks re-election next year."