Saturday, June 11, 2011

OH That Conniving BITCH!

The Ministry of Information has gone bonkers about Sarah Palin's emails being released to the public. I'm sure everyone's heard about the efforts to enlist average, run-of-the-mill Palin Haters to pour through the volumes of emails in hopes to find something damning.

Then we're treated to this news story, with the headline:

Palin Emails Show Her Eyeing VP Slot In Summer '08

And I'm forced to ask the question.... so what? Its as though the Ministry of Information is hysterical in its attempts to find SOMETHING - ANYTHING - damning. There has to be something here (huff, huff, huff)... anything.

I'm also forced to ask other questions:

  • If Palin is such an Alaskan hillbilly, with no sense what-so-ever, why all the focus on her?
  • I'll ask the same question I've asked since 2008 - why not have this same hysteria to find something on Barack Obama? There is a TREASURE TROVE of dirt on this guy, but who does the Ministry of Information focus on? Sarah Palin!
Remember the hysteria from the Left over Palin's "inexperience"? Twilight Zone time. She's had Municipal and State executive Experience. Successful experience, no less. Obama? He's written books and lectured his whole professional life. Stirred up strife in poor neighborhoods. He's never run ANYTHING in his life, yet the useful idiots in the Ministry of Information were dialed in on Palin's "inexperience". Its surreal.

Here you have scores and scores of shady associations and dealings in Obama's past. But what does the Ministry of Information dial in on?? Sarah Palin.

So does the Media NOW understand why so many of us see them as having zero credibility when it comes to presenting the news in an unbiased fashion? I doubt it.