Sunday, January 30, 2011

Bumper Sticker Overload

It's true that both sides of the aisle have people who go overboard with bumper stickers. And I think we can all agree that nothing makes a person look more like an unstable psycho that a ton of opinionated bumper stickers on their car (to say nothing about how bad it would make an otherwise nice car look).

But my observation - the Left has more loons that love the bumper sticker. In the span of about 30 minutes yesterday I saw three that annoyed me. Two of them have been around for a while.

"When will the greed end?" - Ted Kennedy. Yep, Ted, that's a good question. When will the greed end? When will Leftists like yourself stop manipulating people's ignorance and emotion in an effort to grow your political kingdoms? When will that greed end, Ted? When will the dependency class stop handing you the power to rob from the productive under the idiotic misnomer of "social justice"? When will people in office, like yourself, stop villifying those who use their wealth to create jobs? Probably never, greed and government don't seem to fit into the same sentence in our culture. That's a shame, because, Ted: that's where the real greed is. And its destructive as hell (attn, moonbats and trolls: I'm fully aware that Ted Kennedy is dead. Just addressing the comment).

"God Bless the Whole World (no exceptions)" Ok. What about African warlords and tyrants that engage in genocide. The tyrants in Darfur? God bless them? Kim Jong Il - living an opulent lifestyle while the people under his communist rule live in poverty - God bless him, too? Islamists that have no problem killing innocents with jetliners and IEDs in the name of their religion - God bless them, too? When people who love this country say "God Bless America", we say it not because we feel as though we are a morally superior race of beings. We say it because we understand history and human nature enough to appreciate the Constitutional Government, open media and town square, and freedom that we have that enables us to live a life free from tyranny. When the whole entire world lives under Constitutional Governance then, yeah, go ahead and say God Bless the Whole World. Until then, God Bless America.

"Coexist" (with the Tao, Cross, Star of David and Crescent spelling out the word) This trendy piece of moral superiority is aimed at the wrong crowd - the entire message should be aimed at Islam. Taoists, Christians and Jews have no problem coexisting. Militant Islam has the "living peacefully, side by side" hang up. The sticker should read: "Attention, Muslim World: Coexist. We're having no problem with it."

If you are one of the vapid Leftists that has all three of these on your Prius, you win a prize. Seriously.