Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Arrogance of Obama Continues, Round Two

Lest you think the post preceeding this one is nothing more than vindictive speculation on my part, read this excerpt below from Scott Johnson at Powerline (bold emphasis mine):

The Politico reports the Obama campaign's background briefing regarding Obama's coming speech this Thursday in Berlin:

At a morning background briefing, reporters parried with senior advisers on the characterization of Obama’s speech Thursday in Berlin as a campaign rally. The outdoor speech at the Victory Column could draw thousands of people, similar to the size of Obama events in the United States.
“It is not going to be a political speech,” said a senior foreign policy adviser, who spoke to reporters on background. “When the President of the United States goes and gives a speech, it is not a political speech or a political rally.

“But he is not president of the United States,” a reporter reminded the adviser.

of course, he isn't. Tell that to his disciples. Tell that to Obama.