Saturday, December 5, 2015

Two Trends Creating the Perfect Storm

First, the rise of militant Islam in the West, committing Mass Murder in the US and Europe.  Suicidal Iran on the verge of a nuclear weapon.  They will gladly trade thousands of their own deaths for thousands of ours.

San Bernardino Muslim Massacre

Paris Attacks - Muslims Massacre Civilians

Muslims Massacre Cartoonists in France 

Muslim Brothers Bomb Boston Marathon

Suicidal Iran Seeks a Nuclear Weapon

Second Trend, college aged kids, the leaders of tomorrow, protesting on campus, insisting on "safe spaces" and financial concessions.

College Students make Financial Demands

College Students Demand Safe Spaces

College Students are "frightened" by Confederate Flag

Trend one presents an existential threat to Free People in the West.  Suicidal Islamists ideologies seek to force Westerners to submit to Islam or being killed.  Only a resolute, up and coming generation of young people who have the mental and physical fortitude to defend the Western way of life can stop them in the years ahead, when they will undoubtedly be stronger, more equiped, and determined.

Unfortunately, there is trend two.

Trend two shows that large numbers of the leaders of tomorrow are obsessed with the wealth of others, not being offended by flags, and demanding Safe Spaces.

Memo to the leaders of tomorrow: there are no safe spaces in the war zone of Militant Islam vs Freedom.  There are only winners and losers.

Get on board or bow to Mecca five times a day, Safe Spacers.  Make a choice.

As for me, Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death.