Friday, November 20, 2015

Paris, Obama, The Jesus Comparison and Other Assorted Rants

Generally speaking, when I'm upset about my professional life - like I am now, I won't bore you, dear patron of JGAH with the details - that's usually when I'm primed to go ballistic with my writing.  Haven't had rants in a while.

In the wake of the terror attacks in Paris, the Left, and their prinicipal mouth piece, Barack Obama, still refuse to admit that we are at war with a radical version of Islam.  Recently the President (who in his lame duck days is acting more like a condescending king than an elected official) took to the podium in Turkey to talk about how America is "not going to lead" and that we are not going to discuss victory.  He urges patience.  And to move forward with allowing military aged refuges into the United States from War Torn Syria.  Suddenly the man who doesn't believe in American Exceptionalism knows enough about America to tell us "what our nature is" as Americans with regards to accepting refugees out of compassion.  Mr President... if a Paris-style attack happens on American soil, and we can in any way, shape or form trace those attacks back to any of these refugees, THE BLOOD OF THOSE DEAD AMERICANS WILL BE ALL OVER YOUR HANDS.  And you can bet your Faculty Lounge Ass that we will make sure the world and your toady Media know it.

Here's the common flowchart for the Left when it comes to Conservatives/Christians:

Do Conservatives and Christians disapprove of a person or group's motives, or are they suspicious that this person or group means anyone ill will? ----->; Yes ---->; Compare said person or group to Jesus.  You think I'm exaggerating?  Today, from HuffPo's Twitter account:
— Huffington Post Blog (@HuffPostBlog) November 20, 2015

There you have it... before you suspect that some of the refugees from war torn Syria may be here to do us harm, remember that Jesus was once a refugee with a fake passport, a Quran, and a knife for disembowling.

Remember when Republicans were ripping then-Candidate Obama's qualifications to be the leader of the free world, given that the only work experience he ever really had was as a Community Organizer?  Remember the defense of some of his supporters?  "Jesus was a Community Organizer".  There you have it, he's qualified to be leader of the Free World because, like Jesus, Obama went into the poor communities and railed for CeaserCare and for the equal distribution of bread and fish.  You can always tell when the Left's preferred group or candidate isn't wowing Conservatives and Christians, cause out rolls the Jesus Comparison.

Is it too much to ask the Commander in Chief of the US Armed Forces to put as much passion into defending the nation from attack as he does attacking his political and ideological rivals?

Is it too much to ask that, in a time when roving gangs of Islamists are yanking people off the streets and cutting off their heads elsewhere in the world that he take every possible precaution to make sure that doesn't happen here in the US?

Is it too much to ask the man who's "too busy" playing golf and going on late night TV to discuss victory with his fellow Americans in the Republican party over this threat?

Is it too much to ask that Barack Obama put his Leftist ideology aside and consider the safety of the people he's sworn to protect as Commander in Chief?

Is it too much to ask that Barack get as pissed off and animated about the actions of Islamists threatening the West as he did about the "poor treatment" of Professor Gates at the hands of Police?

Is it too much to ask that this guy gets as upset about Militant Islam as he does over black thugs like Treyvon Martin and Michae Brown being killed?

Is it too much to ask of Barack Obama that he actually care about the future of the nation that enables a spoiled, coddled little brat like himself to rise to the heights he's risen?

Dear Lord, January 2017 can't come fast enough.  My only prayer is that Paris doesn't come to Chicago.  With this ideological imbecile protecting us, that may be too much to ask.