Monday, October 19, 2015

A Paragraph That Neatly Summarizes The Difference Between Palestinians and Israelis

The Great Andy McCarthy - I'll put his Mets Fandome aside for this discussion - has a great piece at National Review addressing the terror that Israel is experiencing at the hands of the perpetual mongers of grievance in Palestine.  The money paragraph below, in my mind, neatly summarizes the difference between Palestinians and other Israel haters, and Israel.  ESPECIALLY the last sentence. Bold emphasis mine.

For good measure, Abbas libelously accused Israel of “executing” a 13-year-old Palestinian boy, Ahmad Mansara, “in cold blood.” In fact, Mansara and his older brother were caught on video stabbing Jews, including a child riding a bicycle. When they tried to slice and dice the Israeli police who responded to the crime scene, Mansara was shot. But he was not “executed in cold blood”; he is alive and well and recuperating thanks to Israeli doctors and nurses who immediately gave him medical care.