Friday, August 17, 2012

More Advice For The Romney Campaign

They aren't going to fight fair.  They're desperate.  Don't be afraid to fight dirty, too.

I'm not advocating running race-baiting ads or misleading and deceitful ads.  The Obama Presidency is an environment rich in legitimate targets, so there is no need to do the things they do.  I'm saying, don't feel obligated to be "polite".

My principal thought is this.  Typical etiquette during Presidential Campaigns - view it as optional, starting with Convention courtesies.

I recall during the 1992 election, when the media started to get a whiff of Republican weakness and savor the thought of their new Wonderboy, Bill Clinton, beating Bush 41.  I'd just started following politics at the time, was just starting college and even then had enough sense to see the grotesque media bias.

All throughout the Republican Convention, as soon as a prominent speaker would relinquish the podium, the MSM would rush to the nearest Democrat in the Clinton Campaign and get a point by point rebuttal.  Sometimes, I recall, it was even Clinton himself.  It was disgusting.

Of course, the MSM would always point out that they "offered the same opportunity for rebuttal to the Republicans, and they declined."  Republicans countered with Convention Etiquette: it is tradition, they said, that you do not interfere with the opposing party's Convention.

This election season - screw that.  Throw it out the window. When they claim that Republicans plan on throwing Granny to the wolves, put Paul Ryan on while the applause and balloons are still flying and have him use hard data to trash the insinuation. 

Screw etiquette.  Screw courtesy.  They've demonstrated they have no intention on playing fair or observing basic courtesies.  Neither should we.