Friday, August 17, 2012

Advice For Paul Ryan This Election Season

No one has asked me, but I’ll offer it.  And my hope is that someone with some influence will tell the Republican VP nominee these things clearly.  Two things.

First, know the financials of the United States government like an encyclopedia.  Memorizes the SPECIFIC NUMBERS and be able to repeat them verbatim.  The opposition is going to demagogue your budgets and plans for things like Medicare based on emotion.  The only way you will be able to counter that is by memorizing specific figures regarding the hot topics sure to be up for debate this fall.  If someone accuses you of trying to “gut Medicare” (they will), respond with specific dollar figures your budgets, as previously proposed, increased per beneficiary spending (for example).  Give exact figures, not ball park figures. 

Second, in the VP debate in October, Biden is going to attempt to rattle you with borderline ad hominem attacks.  Since they can’t trip you up with hard fact, only emotion, he’s going to try to put you on the defensive from the beginning to the end.  In his mind, you’re a kid, he’s the champ.  In his mind, he knows he’s been in politics only a few years less than you’ve been alive…. Literally.  In his mind, he’s going to mop the floor with you and your inexperience.  In reality, his mind is Jello compared to yours.  He doesn’t have your knowledge of economics, knowledge of the budget, or ability to come off nearly as genuine as you do.  Keep your cool, keep your focus, and be your confident self.  He won’t know what hit him.