Sunday, July 22, 2012

And This Is Newsworthy, Why?

Let me join the chorus of Tea Party supporters that are piling on ABC's Brian Ross for his irrelevant "news story" about a "James Holmes" belonging to the local Colorado Tea Party Chapter.  James Holmes is in custody, obviously, for the open and shut case of the Aurora, CO Massacre.  Ross was just HOPING against hope that it was the same James Holmes that supported the Tea Party.

DAMN!  It wasn't.

Thanks for showing us your true colors, Brian.  Why would that be relevant?  Especially since you weren't sure it was the same James Holmes.  The Left is really letting America see its true colors lately, huh?

MSM, you suck.  You have the most important duty in a free society and you seem to be unable to do the job properly.  You're a disgrace.

There's a guy named Brian Ross that was arrested in FL for possession of Child Pornography.  Not sure if its the SAME Brian Ross, but my biases make me assume its so.