Sunday, April 29, 2012

Why Does Anyone Take This Clown Seriously?

In a laugh-out-loud Powerline Post, Steven Hayward claims that the picture above creates in his mind a  Rorschach-style reminder of Joe Biden.  I can see why.... I've been extremely critical of Biden in these pages, frequent patrons know.

I think what torques my stones about the guy more than anything, is that he has a lot in common with John Kerry, another frequent target of my ridicule.  Biden and Kerry both have such an inflated image of themselves that you can't barely stand to listen to them prattle on TV or Radio.  Both are partisan Leftists with an air of self importance and arrogance, thinking always that they are the smartest people in any room they enter... and the laughably ignorant on the most basic precepts of economics and human nature.  I've always said that contemporary Western Liberalism (and its MANY adherents in the modern Democratic Party) embodies the world view of children; tantrum-driven emotionalism that sacrifices a calm look at root causes of problems the modern world faces at the alter of passion.  They're going to cut Social Security!  Grandma will die in the street, you don't want that do you?  No, we cannot sustain the program's growth at the rates you want, it will go bankrupt, and the nation with it.  Millionaires need to pay more in taxes!  No, the wealthy already pay the bulk of the nation's tax obligation, and they are also the people who invest and grow the economy.  You can raise their taxes all you want, they'll find creative ways to avoid it and retreat from investing in a manner that will grow us out of economic doldrums.  Republicans are war mongers!  They want your kids to die on some God-Forsaken Rock!  No, a calm look at history proves that a display of weakness when dealing with tyrants emboldens said tyrant and leads to nastier conflict in the future.

Couple this out-of-touch-with-reality liberalism with the arrogance of Biden and that is what makes him so unpalatable to me.  Meanwhile, late night comics, as well as the learned in media and academia want to tell us what an idiot George W. Bush was, a man who carried himself with class and dignity.  Sure, Bush would misspeak on occasion or jumble a word or two, but compared to THIS guy......?  Twilight Zone time for sure.

Does the Democratic Party ever stop to evaluate this man's image?  Are they concerned at all with how foolish he makes himself look, almost on a weekly basis?  Are they concerned with how some of his ridiculous remarks make them look, and how they, objectively viewing his public presentation, damage the party's credibility?  Mitt Romney wouldn't have, as President, given the order to take out Bin Laden?  Does any half intelligent person believe something like that?  We want the economy to recover so we can afford a new toaster?

But Bush was the idiot.

Is Joe Biden really this dumb?  Or is this an act?  Is there some script that we don't know about?

Here's my tip of the day for the Romney Campaign - publicly and ferociously attack Biden's abundant displays of stupidity.  And then, select a Rubio-style VP nominee that can contrast.  Its a winner in 2012.