Wednesday, September 17, 2008

David Brooks And The Preparation Argument

I don't have a lot of time this morning, so maybe over lunch I'll come back to this column in the NY Times and expand on this more. David Brooks has a very well written column in yesterday's print addition, but as with so many anti-Palin attacks regarding experience, this one misses the mark.

Palin has no experience, says Brooks. She shouldn't be on the ticket. BUT AGAIN, SHE HAS MORE THAN OBAMA, much more, in fact, in terms of actually being accountable for results. You look through the entire Brooks piece, you do not see Obama's name mentioned once (h/t to Scott Johnson, who made the same point at Powerline).

Unreal, I just can't get over how many people are turning themselves in knots attacking/commenting on Palin's lack of experience. But Palin, in the end, I think we can all agree, is the best hope to keep the ultimate clueless candidate out of the White House, by energizing McCain's conservative base.

To paraphrase my favorite pundit, John Hinderaker, "Obama isn't even fit to be a mid-level manager of a well run company."


Caught a bit of the Limbaugh show a few moments ago where the Biden Clown was being introduced by some woman named "Theaker" (last name). Ms. Theaker, an Obama worshipper (supporter, same thing) was a very shrill sounding woman who's voice conjurs up every stereotype about the smug, snotty liberal woman that you have ever imagined. Her comments:

"Barack Obama has made an intelligent choice for the vice presidency. How so very different this is from that bucket of fluff that the Republican candidates have chosen for the same position."

Again, I'm floored at the projection of the Democrats. Its amazing, Barack Obama is the ultimate Empty Suit. If there was ever a "bucket of fluff" in American politics, its Obama. The only thing more laughable to me than Obama are the "educated" people who worship at the guy's feet. Take the prepared speeches and teleprompter away from Obama, he's a bumbling idiot.

Want to compare Palin to Obama? Red State does here, you'll recall. And of course, as the poster reminds us, they're not running for the same position. So lets pretend for a second that what Theaker says is true - Obama is just as much a bucket of fluff as Palin, and the Democrats were brainless enough to put him at the TOP of their ticket!

Sarah Palin, Ms Theaker, is anything but a bucket of fluff. She's the true candidate of your blessed "change" in the race for VP. She's taken on her own party and won. She's said no to the good old boy system in AK, and won. She's made strides in AK with energy production. Sarah Palin has made more progress as an executive than either of these boobs on your ticket, and you have audacity to call her a bucket of fluff?

Its ok, I'm sure Theaker is as driven by emotion as any other rabid Democrat. The biggest obstacle to the Lord Barack Obama riding the golden chariot to the White House is public support for the Republican ticket, whose grass roots have been energized with her pick. People like Ms. Theaker are desparate. By the way, this picture below is what I envision Theaker looking like.

One more thing - Biden references people needing tax cuts to .... buy a toaster? Gaffe, once more. How stupid a choice of things to say, but then again, it is Biden so..... Can you imagine if Dan Quayle had made this comment?? Leno et al would be busting a gut.

"Honey, the toaster just wet the bed."

"Oh no, now we're screwed."