Thursday, August 11, 2011

VDH Sums It Up Beautifully

Good stuff, an article entitled "What If the President Liked Businesspeople?" Bold emphasis mine.

"After nearly three years of blaming, apologizing, and explaining what America cannot and should not do, it is past time for a confident President Obama to remind the country that we can do almost anything we wish.

Instead of lecturing some Americans about why they owe their existing wealth to others, why not inspire them to create even bigger new profits to enrich everyone? And in these tough times, let the first family give up vacationing at Vail, Costa del Sol, and Martha’s Vineyard; trim White House entertainment expenses; and set an example of thrift for the country to match new budget frugalities.

In short, President Obama could end the current psychological depression and acrimony by promising to lead from the fore rather than continually harping from far behind."

Obama, of course, will tell you that he "likes business people" and assert that the insinuation that he doesn't is ridiculous and without merit. He simply believes that in spite of being made to "share the burden" - as if they don't share the vast majority of it already - they'll still invest, grow, hire and take risks. Why? Because that's the way Leftists like himself think. Punish the rich, they'll still invest and prosper and hire others. Its just his ignorant, idiotic world view. Its not going to change.