Tuesday, August 16, 2011

"Its Time For America To Be Great Again"

Back about a year or so ago, John Heyward, who writes at humanevents.com, closed out a post at his old hang out, doczero.com. He closed out said post with that very statement.

Folks, I want that line to be front and center in the campaign of 2012 for the Republican nominee for president.

I'll have much more to say in the coming weeks and months about this, but to summarize: the way we win next November is with pep talks, grounded in truth.

When a presidential candidate runs on an inspiring message that reminds the voter that he can rise to unbelievable heights if he just believes in himself and chases his dreams, unfettered by those who control tax and regulate him: when a voter feels truth in his heart in that statement, he pulls the lever for the candidate who inspires him in that fashion.

Its true. And that is the ticket.

Its time for American to be great again. 2012.