Saturday, February 7, 2009

You Heard It Here First.....

Me, November 5, 2008:

Democrats, some are relieved, do not have a sixty vote, filibuster proof Senate. They only have 58 votes. Add Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe - you have 60. Reports Today (bold emphasis mine):

Senators have reached a tentative deal on a version of President Obama's economic stimulus plan, including about $811 billion in spending and tax cuts, that will win enough Republican votes to move forward.

Sens. Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania and Susan Collins of Maine appeared to be the critical Republicans to sign onto the bill, giving Democrats the 60 votes needed to advance to a final vote. Democrats also voiced confidence that Republican Sen. Olympia Snow of Maine also would vote for the plan.

Me, July 2007, discussing a dream I had about then-candidate Obama's Presidency, should it come to fruition:

In the fall of 2010, China invades Taiwan, and Kim Jong-Il of North Korea announces that his nuclear proliferation will continue unabated. The previous alone sends world markets into a tail spin. Naturally, the UN condemns both actions, but the Chinese and North Korean regimes laugh it off.

IBD Editorials, this past Wednesday:

A People's Liberation Army general guessed correctly when he famously surmised that Clinton officials "care more about Los Angeles than they do about Taiwan."

If the Taiwanese haven't already thought of it, they might consider beefing up their defense budget — along with their presence on K Street. They're going to need it.

Me, July 2007, aforementioned dream:

In late fall of 2009, Pakistani President Musharrif is assassinated in an Islamist coup, and President Obama can do nothing but watch. Now Islamist militants are in control of Pakistan's nuclear arsenal, and by late winter of 2010, Iran has detonated its first nuclear device.

Ministry of Information (Time Magazine Division), January 26, 2009:

Pakistan Poses a Growing Challenge for the Obama Administration

Nothing would make me happier than to end up being wrong on all fronts. Not holding my breath.