Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Change in Labels

Folks, for the longest time on these pages, I've referred - rightfully - to the American Mainstream Media (MSM) as the "Useful Idiots". This was mostly due to the fact that they seemed to be perfectly content with being complete tools of Islamofascists, so long as damage was done to the sitting Republican President. Well, now a Change (to coin a term) is taking place. When you hit the sack tonight, the One who is viewed as coming down on a golden chariot from God will be president. No longer will the media be hell bent on destroying a sitting president. Now, they're going to be in bed with him. If you think you have been sick at your stomach up to this point, buckle up.

Today, as soon as the One who will save us from ourselves (and market capitalism) is annointed, the MSM will no longer be "Useful Idiots". Hereafter at JG&AH, they'll be known as The Ministry of Information. Long live Comrade Obama. Boxer the working horse is rolling over in his glue bottle.