Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I'd Like To Say I'm Surprised, But....

Hat Tip to Gene Fama at Tidestemmer. The blogsite is www.howobamagotelected.com. Its going to be eye opening to a lot of folks once you get past the Obama worship at the very beginning.

Again, the mainstream media at work. There is a very real chance that, ala the 1990s, despite Barack Obama, the next 8 years could see economic health similar to what most of this decade saw, but go completely misreported. Bush's economic numbers rivaled that of Bill Clinton's, but he was vilified as the New Herbert Hoover, even though his unemployment numbers and various other economic indicators were on par with Clinton's.

Its very possible, too, that certain factors outside Obama's control could create a modestly or exceedingly healthy economy, despite Obama, ala the 1990s of the Clintons. Yet, he will get the credit for doing little, if anything. Brace yourself.