Saturday, October 4, 2008

The Obama Youth

This is so nauseating I'm not going to keep it up for long. (ht Powerline) Where is the media, bringing this to the people? Google only shows this by You Tube.


Listen to what the little goose-steppers say: Because of Obama, Im going to be....XXXX. An architect. A Doctor. A fire man. Because of Obama.

I'd love to raid this idiotic ritual. "I have news for each of you," I'd say. "If you want to be a fireman, architect, or a doctor, you can do it. The hell with who's in public office. You, fat kid. Why do you have to wait for Obama to be president to be a doctor? You live in the freest, more opportunity-laden nation on the planet. Why not just go to med school, irrespective of who's president? If you want to be a doctor, do it. Screw who's president. Finish med school. Empty bed pans. Do a residency working 80 hours a week. Retire at 55, pulling down fat scratch. You can do it all, irrespective of how or what color American sits in the White House." This kind of thinking drives me crazy.

And while I'm at it, I'm offended like hell at the beginning of this video. There is only ONE Alpha and Omega. He's the One who stepped out of eternity, suffered a gruesome death, one that Xbox America couldn't fathom. He did this so that all mankind who believes in Him, irrespective of race or nationality, could spend eternity in the presence of God. And God/Alpha Omega isn't Barack Obama. Alpha Omega, as these brainwashed kids see it, is a politician who will ensure universal health care and grow government in such a way that it will make everyone utterly dependent on him and the rest of the Democratic Party. This is despicable and the parents of these kids should be ashamed of themselves.