Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Obama Youth Pt 2

ok, just went back and listened to the audio a little closer. In my defense, the audio quality of this clip isn't the best. It appears they are saying "because of Obama, I'm INSPIRED to be xxxx." Fair enough. I'm still roiled over the Alpha/Omega nonsense. And it is undeniable that this worship of Obama - especially by kids in fatigues - is creepy as hell.

And it is still undeniable that so many people in this country look to government - namely, Democrats - for their day to day sustenance. Stop wearing fatigues and mindlessly worshiping a politician - a narcissistic gasbag politician, especially, who hasn't accomplished anything worthy of the level of adoration he's receiving - and do something constructive with your lives. Stop being inspired to be X and just go out and do it already.