Sunday, September 7, 2008

The Palin Pick - Again

Two people that I have immense respect for, Paul Mirengoff of Powerline and Syndicated Columnist Charles Krauthammer I think are off base about McCain's wisdom in the Palin pick. In the interest of laziness I'm not going to link to either of their comments. If you want to know what they are saying about the pick, Google them and read for yourself.

I've said over and over again that I think John McCain, compared to just about everyone in the Republican Primary except Mike Huckabee and that maniacal mouthbreather Ron Paul, is the weakest candidate of the bunch for a Reagan Republican. Upon his locking up of the nomination I had visions of Bob Dole 1996 running through my head that I couldn't shake for a long time. I can recall Clinton essentially locking up another four years that election night. At the time I was a senior at FSU and was involved in the House race on behalf of a gentleman named Bill Sutton. Sutton's campaign had blocked off the party room at the Tallahassee Beef O'Brady's for the election results. I sat there with some fellow College Republicans, smoking cigars and shaking my head in disbelief as the results came in. Four more years of Bill Clinton.... my friends and I all agreed we need to stop putting weak candidates on our ballots. So, you can imagine when media darling McCain pretty much wrapped up our nomination what it did to my spirits.

However, over the last several months I've started to, as I elude to a few posts ago, view McCain as an "anybody but Obama" pick and thrown my support behind him. I have also started to view McCain as a VERY smart politician. The Palin Pick, I think, solidifies my opinion of him in that regard.

The idiots on the Democratic ticket have been check-mated by McCain's pick of Palin. The only thing they can criticize her for is experience.... and as I've said before, she has more executive experience than either Biden or Obama. Can't you hear McCain in the snarky little voice of his saying "That's right, A**holes, I dare you, say something about her lack of experience. Make yourselves look stupid." Its a check-mate if I've ever seen one in politics. The media knows this as well, hence their amazing attempt to unearth an unpaid parking ticket or SOMETHING to ruin Palin's image with voters. Its making the media look stupid too, because it highlights their bias in their lack of interest in the kooks that Obama has associated with by comparison.

Good Pick, John. The only thing that can damage your ticket now is a poor performance by Palin in the VP debate. To quote the great John Hinderaker, we're luck that Biden is an idiot.


The blog "living Jersey" has this video of Newt Gingrich slam dunking a Useful Idiot with regard to Palin's experience. This is the Newt that I miss (hat tip Andy Roth at Club for Growth).