Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Audacity of Fact Checking

Instapundit and Power Line do a fantastic job of making the Obama campaign look "petty" and "foolish" with its latest ad, in which it bemoans the "fact" that John McCain "can't send an email" and doesn't know how to use a computer.

Am I the only one that gets the feeling like the Obama campaign is akin to Wylie Coyote? Marching everywhere, caught up its own aura, speaking, as Wylie did, of its own genius as anvils fall on their heads?

Lets pretend for a moment that John McCain can't send an email or use a computer (which the links provided above show this is not entirely true): so what? The ad goes on to lament that John McCain will "lower taxes for corporations" and not for the middle class. Again, another example of Democrats preying on populist ignorance. Corporations don't pay taxes, they simple pass the burden on to consumers in the form of increased prices. And we've shown time and time again that the dastardly "wealthy" pay the majority of taxes in this country anyhow.

Here's an idea for a counter ad by the McCain campaign:

Barack Obama. All of his life, he's surrounded himself with raving lunatics, Communists, America-haters, terrorists and vile malcontents. As a very junior Senator, the height of his political career, he's voted radically liberal, when he bothered to even vote. He's promoting "change" as he recruits "Clinton retreads" to work on his campaign, blowing dust of Jimmy Carter's foreign policy and domestic ideology. As president, you can be sure he'll try to ram as much Leftist ideology down the throats of heartland America as possible, as Heartland America realizes the "change" they voted for was nothing more than a cult of personality, a wolf in sheep's clothing.

Barack Obama. He doesn't know how many states are in the union. He cluelessly lectures Americans smarting from high gas prices, claiming falsely that by inflating our tires and getting tuneups we can save enough gas to render drilling for more oil needless. His wife wasn't proud of America until well in her forties.

BUT: He knows how to use a computer.


Ok, lest I be accused, of Joe Biden-style plagerism, I want to point out that the great satirist, Iowahawk, has put up a very witty Wile E. Coyote spot with regards to the Media and Sarah Palin. Purely coincidental that we reference the same character, I promise! Back in my days as a consultant, I worked for an operations chief that I was constantly at odds with. Away from the job, he was a very generous and warm guy, but once we'd start to talk business it was a constant conflict. He'd go to enormous lengths to complicate something very simple in concept, seeming to take pleasure in his complexity. And your idea? The simple one that for some odd reason gets results? Oh, you boob. Sigh. Someday, you'll come around to my ingenious way of thinking. Meanwhile, his projects were closing left and right because clients were unhappy with results. Hence, I'd after leaving the company I began to refer to him as Wylie Coyote. It also seemed to fit the Obama campaign with all the gaffes and missteps lately.