Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I'm really disappointed in Rudy's decision today to drop out of the Presidential Race. I'm not surprised, given what seems to be an insurmountable deficit. Dropping out at this point, strategically, only makes sense.

My brother in law was sitting next to me at my Birthday dinner and asked me which of the Republican Candidates I supported for the nomination. Without hesitation I said "Guiliani".

"Why?" he asked.

My three pet issues when it comes to electing any national politician are these (in this order)

1. National defense/security/War on Terror

2. Low taxes - and until I see consistent Club for Growth RePork Cards in the 90%s, they can ALWAYS go lower.

3. Free Trade

My pet issues are not public trough handouts, my pet issues are the above. Rudy hits a home run on number one (especially Post 9-11. I'll never forget his rebuke of the Saudi Princes when they tried to Blame US policy toward Israel on the 9-11 attacks). Americans For Tax Reform give him the highest mark of all the Republicans for number two, and he's strong on number three.

Now that we've lost him in the race, we face the very real possibility of a choice between John McCain and Hillary Clinton/Barack Obama.