Monday, January 14, 2008

Back Again - Tidbits

My wife made me suffer through a snippet of the show Real Time with Bill Maher. Now that the Sopranos are finished, I really should cancel HBO, there really isn't anything worth watching, especially Maher. That said, Maher had the great Tony Snow on, something that caught my attention. Tony looks great for all his health issues.

Maher's talking point? Why all this hatred for Hillary, personally? Maher was just really perplexed, he just couldn't understand why so many people on the Right have such a seething hatred for Hillary Clinton. Everyone on the panel, Tony, Mark Cuban, and some woman whom I didn't readily recognize went down the line and agreed that it didn't make sense. Why can't we just disagree on issues with out all the hatred? Cuban was threatened by some Right Wing Nuts after appearing on Bill O'Reilly. Tony commented about how he had received "get well" wishes from the likes of Nancy Pelosi and Hillary. Why all this partisan hatred for Hillary Clinton.

Where in God's name was Maher's incredulity over all the hatred for George W. Bush? I couldn't believe it. Was this really a topic?.........

I'll say it again, the hysteria in the media over Barack Ubama is nothing more than Guilty White Syndrome run amuck. "Change" is what Ubama is said to bring. "Hope" is another thing Ubama is said to bring. What change? How are the insanities of Ubama's record, once resuscitated in the Oval Office, going to reflect any kind of change, other than the same old Leftist appeasement and growth of destructive social spending that have brought us international insecurity, debt and misery in the last fifty years? Is that change we really want? If we take an honest look at history, is such a prognosis for the future going to bring hope to any thinking person? If Ubama were white, he'd be nothing more than John Edwards with big ears. Guilty whites all over the country are giddy over the fact that they can support a black man for president. Its just that simple.........

I'm disappointed - greatly - in the outcome of the Indianapolis/San Diego game from yesterday. With LaDanian Tomlinson and Phillip Rivers not 100%, they don't have a prayer against the Patriots next weekend. The Chargers couldn't stop the Pats if they were 100%. I really think Indy was the only team in contention with a prayer of stopping the New England juggernaut. In fact, I was really look forward to a Colts/Pats rematch. Guess it isn't going to happen now. It was good, however, to see Eli Manning play so well. My heart's always went out to him, playing in the shadow of Peyton. Either way, its all over but the crying. I don't think there is a defense in contention at this point that can compete with the Brady/Moss connection, among others.