Monday, August 20, 2007

WHAT?? Part 2

Below is the write up for's number one pick of the "50 Most Powerful People In DC" write up (bold emphasis mine and italicized comments below mine). You can tell the State Department bureacrats Ghost wrote this pap. Oh God.....

(#1 - Condoleeza Rice, Secretary of State)

This wasn’t an easy choice for #1, since there’s no telling if Cheney will once again commandeer our foreign policy (as he did with Iraq) before leaving office. But Rice, the ultimate yes-woman as national-security adviser, has become a much needed check on the Office of the Vice President. Like Colin Powell, her predecessor at State, she now recognizes the pomposity of “with us or against us” and the value in talking to one’s enemies. But the difference between her and Powell is: The president trusts her. “Her power derives from her relationship with the president,” says Mark Halperin, political analyst at Time and ABC News. “They have a personal and professional bond that has allowed her to win plenty of internal battles,” Overtures to Iran, Syria, North Korea… If it weren’t for Condi, they would most likely never have happened (that's a liability, not an asset). Whatever hope we have of not going to war with Iran before the end of Bush’s term rests largely with her.