Monday, August 20, 2007

UK - Going Into The Archives*

It appears GQ's view of Dr. Rice's value as appeaser is nothing new. It and all of its affiliates, including UK GQ, think along the same lines. This from the 1938 list of the "Most Powerful People In Europe".

"Europeans across the continent can rest assured that the Right Honorable Neville Chamberlain has their desire for peace close to his frail but capable bussom. Rather than give in to the distractful squakings of back-bencher blokes such as Winston Churchill, Chamberlain has secured 'peace in our time' indeed, as he has Hitler's word that the German Furher will make good on the promises of the Munich Agreement. As Chamberlain said upon his return, he and Herr Hitler agreed that it is his utmost desire that their two nations never again return to war. We, at UK GQ, are so grateful that the war mongers have a counter weight. Its common knowledge Fascists and other unelected, unaccountable tyrants always honor their agreements."

I'm curious what the brilliant political minds at GQ said regarding Madeline Albrights swoonfest over Kim Jong-Il, the promises broken (what a surprise), and the now nuclear North Korea. I have no proof, but I'll bet at the time they were heralding the Clinton Administration for its "agreement" with the tyrant there, as well.
I'm sure we can all rest easy that the geniuses at GQ that call for "talking to our enemies" are having no influence whatsoever with the decision making in the Bush Administration. Thank God for that.
*Magazine may not exist. This is a parody to prove a point. Call off the lawyers, GQ.