Thursday, August 9, 2007

Excuse The Hiatus

Patrons of JG&AH understand, I'm sure, the insanity of life - work and an exhausting commute, being a husband with a house that constantly needs cleaned and a yard that is a nightmare to maintain, a lovely wife and dog that I can't neglect .... can you imagine if we had kids?

Anyway, I've got some thoughts that have been percolating for a couple of weeks now. Keep stopping by - I'll get around to them!

If the insanity of the Bush Haters, Wombats, Democrat Children Running for President, Booger Eating Kooks, and Useful Idiots of the MSM have you down, check out IBD Editorials, National Review Online, American Thinker, Red Planet Cartoons, and Cox and Forkum for fast relief. Links to the right.

Back soon!