Thursday, August 9, 2007

Blame The MN Bridge Collapse On Your Pork, Congress

I doubt anyone is surprised that the Power Whores are screaming for a tax increase on the heels of a tragedy like that which we witnessed in Minneapolis last week. That's what makes a Power Whore a Power Whore, folks. Do whatever it takes, but spend money and stay in power. Sell yourself to whatever cause, no matter how vacuous, false or destructive, so long as you live for another term.

Why did the bridge collapse? Listen to Power Whores and learn: The Bush Tax Cuts. Put another way, since you didn't pay enough in taxes, Bush has squandered whatever ever money you did pay on his war in Iraq.

In the Chicago Tribune today, we're treated to this guilt trip (bold emphasis mine):

One weary week after the Interstate35W bridge collapse, a senior federal lawmaker from Minnesota proposed sweeping legislation to establish a trust fund dedicated to repairing the nation's aging, deficient bridges. The proposal by Rep. Jim Oberstar (D-Minn.), chairman of the House Transportation Committee, would be aimed at repairing 73,784 bridges from coast-to-coast rated "structurally deficient"—with a price tag that could be as much as $188 billion by one estimate. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) pledged to support the plan.

It could cost Americans dearly: the proposal includes raising federal gas taxes five cents from 18.4 to 23.4 cents, at a time when drivers are already reeling from high gas prices. President Bush and several prominent lawmakers have previously opposed gas tax hikes."If you're not prepared to invest another five cents in bridge reconstruction and road reconstruction, then God help you," Oberstar said, after touring the collapse site by helicopter.

Got that? How dare you refuse a tax increase to solve the bridge and road reconstruction shortfall.

The hidden insinuation here is that Congress doesn't get enough money from you, the taxpayer. Whatever money the government DOES get from you, it spends wisely. So, it had to choose between rebuilding the bridges or, say, put cops on the street or what have you. If you spoiled brats would have just resisted the Bush Tax Cuts, Congress would have the money to do both.

Its total B***S***.

In 2006, what did the government spend our non-defense dollars on? Here's just a snippet (h/t Citizens Against Government Waste):

  • In IL - $1.076 million in grants for Soybean Research

  • In ID - $1.497 million in grants for Potato Research

  • In OR - $682k for Regional Barley Gene Mapping Project

  • In AL - $591k for the Tri-State Joint Peanut Research Grant

  • In IA - $416K for Food Chain Economic Analysis

  • In MS - $5 million for the Poultry Science Research Facility

  • In AL - $1 million for the Gulf of Mexico Oyster Initiative

  • In AL - $2.5 million for Mobile Bay Oyster Recovery

In the interest of time I'm going to stop right there. The entire report was over 700 pages long.

Oyster research and recovery? Poultry Science research? Food Chain analysis? Huh?

Folks, we are NOT undertaxed. And the Bush Tax Cuts had a major hand in the economic boom that we are experiencing right now. Its up to Congress to get permission from the people to collect more in taxes. Its not up to the people to ask Congress for a tax cut. Or put another way, I don't want some wasteful Power Whore guilt tripping me for not giving him more money to waste on Oyster Harvesting.

My question for Congressman Oberstar is, what is HE willing to sacrifice to shore up bridges and roads across the land? God help HIM if he isn't willing to cut back on HIS waste, rather than asking - no, taking - more of my money.