Friday, August 17, 2007

Andrew Roth At The Club For Growth

"This is a great article by Harvard professor Bill George, and here's a great paragraph from it:

'Every government leader and business executive I have met in developing countries—from the mayor of Beijing to the ruler of the United Arab Emirates—is eager for one thing: U.S.-style capitalism to build their economies, create jobs and wealth for their people, and bring their countries fully into the global trading network. From Kazakhstan to Vietnam, people are hungry for capitalism. They want to study it in the U.S., learn how to create local capital markets, acquire our technology and know-how, and build companies that can export their goods around the world, especially to the U.S. But most of all they want our hidden asset: leadership of global capitalism.'

Given all of this, it kills me that our Congress is filled with protectionists."

--Let me say a hearty "Amen" to you on that, Andrew.