Thursday, June 28, 2007

Heading Off The Fairness Doctrine Before It Hits The Blogosphere

Continuing our theme below - that the Left cannot compete on talk radio because no one wants to listen their bile - I have decided to take preemptive action here at JG&AH. Because I do not want Durbin et. al. to shut us down here, I have taken the liberty of dedicating a forum to one of my favorite Leftists here on these pages. Picture at left (naturally) is Fairchild Raindance. Fairchild is the product of reckless fornicating during the Summer of Love and, naturally, resides in Oregon.
So, this way, when Diane Feinstein, Harry Reid and Dick Durbin eventually get around to bemoaning the "lack of balance" on the blogosphere (which they will do once they realize that the Right-of-Center blogs make much more coherent arguments) they cannot say that we here at JG&AH are not "balanced".

As an aside, I'm not going to go into the already tired discussion of the obvious fact that the Power Whores who are crying about the "imbalance" on talk radio were deafeningly silent about the imbalance in the evening news prior to Fox coming on to the scene. Also, I'm not going to talk about the imbalance that exists in Hollywood - which vocally and nauseatingly leans to the Left. How about equal time there? Every time George Clooney and Matt Damon team up to talk about the evils of Big Oil on the Wide Screen, how about ensuring that there is a movie simultaneously released to counter the propaganda of the aforementioned Clooney/Damon collaboration? Good luck getting the Power Whores interested in that.

None-the-less, look for "Fairchild's Corner" coming soon here at JG&AH. We are the home of balance.