Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Did I Write This IBD Editorial And Can't Remember??

Before I get to the point of this post, let me deviate and talk about the rantings of Jimmy Carter from a few days ago. If you're George W. Bush, you've had to really bite your tongue when the likes of Michael Moore and Rosie O'Donnell insult you. But, you do it. You're above that, right? How do you think W felt when he read, for the first time, that this pathetic loser of a washed up politician, Jimmy Carter, called him "the worst president in history"? Everyone has their limits. I'm sure that crossed the line for Bush as well. Jimmy Carter, the father of non-inspiration, the father of fatal appeasement. Oh, and don't forget, the godfather of Nuclear North Korea. Yet, Bush is the worst ever. My jaw's still on the floor. Check out the link to the right for more from IBD on this.

The second editorial from IBD today is number three of a series of truthful looks on the Bush Presidency, this one focusing on the progress in Iraq. Folks, I thought someone had plagiarized one of my writings when reading this. Fantastic work, IBD. Here's the most important segment of the editorial entitled "Bush's Exit Strategy in Iraq is Victory":

"The jihadists in Iraq, like the Viet Cong, know they cannot win on the battlefield. But they hope, as in Vietnam, that nightly scenes of carnage on our plasma TVs will help them win in the media and in the halls of Congress. As al-Qaida's No. 2 thug, Ayman al-Zawahiri wrote in a 6,000-word letter dated July 8, 2005: '(W)e are in a battle, and more than half this battle is in the media.'"

WOW! Could it be the editors of the great IBD are among the patrons of Jeff's Garage and Ale House? HI GUYS! Seriously, this echos my comments from this post back in March entitled "The Wornout (and Inaccurate) Analogy of Vietnam."

"During (the) Tet (Offensive), the 'Vietcong troops reached the U.S. embassy in Saigon, where they (contrary to popular movie renditions) were killed to a man... for every American Soldier or Marine killed, 50 North Vietnamese died, a ratio 'approaching the horrendous slaughter....between the Spaniards and Aztecs in Mexico or British and Zulus in southern Africa.' At the old capital of Hue 'the surprised and outnumbered U.S. Marines evicted 10,000 Viet Cong and Vietnamese regulars from a fortified city in less than three weeks and at a loss of only 150 dead.'"

"More: 'A U.S. military historian, Robert Leckie, referred to Tet as 'the most appalling defeat in the history of war' for Hanoi-an 'unmitigated military disaster'. Even General Tran Van Tra, a top-ranking communist, agreed, 'We suffered large sacrifices and losses with regard to manpower and material, especially cadres at the various echelons, which clearly weakened us.' How did the circa-1968 Useful Idiots report Tet? Schweikart and Allen continue:
'....yet the media reported this as a communist victory. 'Embassy in Saigon Captured!' read one erroneous headline.... Scenes were cut and spliced in the studios into thirty-second clips of marines and body bags, with an accompanying text, 'American troops mauled (p. 694 of A Patriots Guide To American History,
Schweikart and Allen).'"


"'Realizing they could not beat the United States as long as Nixon remained in the Presidency, the North Vietnamese boldly sought to influence the November elections by convincing Americans of the hopelessness of their cause (also from Schweikart and Allen)'"

The Viet Cong's vehicle? Naturally, the US Media. Its no different today. This is why I call them the Useful Idiots. They're arrogant. They remind us how much we need them. They're elitists to the core. And they are not smart enough to realize what abject tools they are of a bunch of third world thugs. If it wasn't so lethal to our success it would be hysterical.

Nice editorial from the folks at IBD.