Monday, April 23, 2007

Victory? HUMBUG!

As a continuing rebut to Ebenezer Reid's negativity, I'm going to continue to post good news from the surge in particular and the Iraq stabilization effort in general. The news here doesn't sit well with Scrooge, I'm sure.

I'm especially interested in this part of the editorial from IBD:

"Over the past six weeks, as the Baghdad security plan has been implemented, attacks on civilians in the city have been cut roughly in half. Civilian casualties are down almost a quarter nationwide, with attacks on civilians off 17%. Only in north-central Iraq did violence grow.....Al-Mada, considered the most professional of Iraq's newspapers, last week said 'we have to be happy about' the new U.S. security plan in Baghdad because 'It is not easy anymore to place bombs in cafes, markets, near the universities and even in the hospitals.'
The paper pointed out that 'scores of al-Qaida chiefs have been arrested,' fleeing families have returned and mosques reopened. 'And,' the newspaper added, 'it especially made the (Iraqi) politicians understand that they should not expect a failure of the present government to boost their own careers.'"

Keep hope alive, Ebenezer Reid. There is still a chance that the Mission in Iraq will fail. Especially if you keep running off at the mouth to our enemies like you did with your selfish, agenda oriented comment last week.