Thursday, April 26, 2007

There She Is, Miss America

Because I felt like I needed to punish myself for something, I turned on 15 minutes of the Democrats' first debate on MSNBC. Of course, I was in Jeff's Garage and Ale House, smoking a Punch Rare Corojo Magnum sipping a Miller Lite, so that made it a LITTLE easier.

Suddenly, I thought a great post would come from the experience. Frantically, I found a dull pencil and an envelope with a blank back and started scribbling notes. I wish I knew some form of shorthand or at least had a Tivo because I couldn't jot my thoughts down fast enough. The stupidity was coming so fast and furious that, within 10 minutes, I ran completely out of space to take notes.

My first thought was, "What a bunch of children." Here were the Democratic front runners for the highest elected office in the Free World spouting things I'd expect from a half-assed high school civics student.

Then it hit me after I started grilling dinner. This was nothing more than a Miss America pagent. There was Ms. North Carolina John Edwards. There was Ms. New Mexico, Bill Richardson. There was Mr. New York, Hillary Clinton. There was Ms. Connecticut, Chris Dodd and Ms. Illinois (the hometown favorite) Barack Obama. There was even some lunatic from Alaska that I have to admit I had no idea of his identity, other than he had a crazy look in his eye and was spouting things that made Howard Dean blush. This guy was a bonafide kook, and after further research I discovered that he was former Senator Mike Gravel. Further research uncovered that he was the insane asylum roommate of Howard Dean and the Riddler from the Batman series.

But the night obviously belonged to Ms. Ohio, Dennis Kucinich.

The two things that stood out in my mind from Kucinich's pie-hole workout was his solution to the "health care problem", universal health care, and his opposition to the Iraq war, something which made him throw around the idea of the Cheney impeachment based on "lying" the American people into war. I don't have the time or the patience at this point to address that issue. Maybe later.

Government takeover of health care will ruin the health care system (ask Canadians about this, who flock the to US for their health care when they can afford it). And only by taking the fight to the enemy (many of whom see Iraq as a central battleground against the West), can we ever pray to win the Global War On Terror. But, crown Kucinich Miss America. He wants Peace and Universal Health Care. He sang We Are The World while playing the piano and won the talent contest. Crown him now.

More on this later. I just had to get that off my chest.

Your Democratic Party America. Surrender and let the government take over large sections of the economy. And wish for World Peace. So uplifting.